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m = management

m+more is a privately owned, full service property management and maintenance organization dedicated to safeguarding the investments of our clients. m+more provides a complete range of property management, financial and physical property services.

Commercial Services

m+more provides exceptional commercial management with a focus on owner objectives. We are committed to giving commercial property owners maximum operational efficiency, creating an omnipresence that ensures attention to maintenance, professionalism, and profitability.

Our management services include:

+  Ongoing maintenance of building wide structural integrity, systems, and all aesthetic elements: recommendation, planning, bid solicitation, and supervision of major repairs and capital improvement projects

+  Building staff supervision, including hiring and training, job descriptions and work schedules, performance evaluations, payroll processing, preparation of all forms, reports, and returns required by all federal, state and/or local laws; and Owner representation in all building staff-related matters

+  Financial oversight, including the billing and collection of rents and appropriate late payment collection action; payment of vendor, contractor and utility bills; payment of all property taxes and other obligations; and records maintenance with all accounts separate and accounted for in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures

+  Provision of accurate, timely monthly and other financial statements, including summary of cash accounts, itemized statement of current year to date receipts and disbursements, list of unpaid bills, statement of journal entries, general ledger, accurate arrears reports, and copies of all bank statements, investment reports, and reconciliations

+  Creation and implementation of annual and long-term operating and capital budgets. Review of insurance to ensure adequate and appropriate coverage at the most favorable premium rates

+  Competitive bidding procedures; assistance with contract negotiations and purchasing, bulk purchasing, and insurance contracts; and all contract administration

+  Assurance that the building is in compliance with all municipal code requirements, and that all necessary licenses, permits, and approvals are obtained and current

+  Establishment and maintenance of an accurate inventory tracking system

+  Preparation and communication of fire safety and evacuation plans, as required

+  Maintenance of accurate, accessible files, records, including individual files for each tenant, and financial records including checkbooks, bank and investment statements, maintenance and property records, insurance policies, receipted bills, correspondence, and other records. Preparation for and attendance at regular and special meetings with the Owner, including the provision of monthly management reports and meeting minut

m = maintenance

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We understand the importance of a good maintenance program to maintain a clean, safe commercial property. Not only does a proper long-term program save real dollars, it also enhances property values and improves tenant satisfaction and renewals.

As part of our full-service management solution, we provide your property with ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance programs for all common areas, equipment and systems. Our personnel are well trained in assessing, prioritizing and addressing all common property repairs and maintenance requirements.

Our Commercial Maintenance Program includes:

+  Ongoing maintenance

+  Preventative maintenance

+  Equipment assessment and repairs

+  Building Engineers

+  Safety protocols

+more = a whole lot more

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For many of us, the idea of retirement has evolved. People are living longer and leading more vital, rich lives well into their years. They are more active than ever and looking for new experiences. They want to stay healthy, continue learning and have fun. And, more increasingly, they demand a lifestyle that supports this.

That’s why we’ve put such an emphasis on our comprehensive management programs for 55+ communities. We’ve learned to bring active lifestyle options to them, offering more diverse clubs and classes, expanding onsite opportunities for lifelong learning and building stronger neighborhood networks – all designed to make MPlus managed community members feel a deeper connection with their community.

We’ve also learned how important it is to help our active adults “age in place”, by bringing them more options that allow them to stay on their own and not leave their roots, especially their kids and grandkids.

It is our commitment to be more than a property manager, but rather a facilitator of true communities. Places where active adults can grow as individuals as well as be part of a close-knit setting, all while enjoying a renewed outlook, new experiences and deeper friendships. They become part of the community, and it’s a part of them.

Utility Bill Solutions

Duplicate billings, erroneous meter readings, improper classifications, inaccurate usage estimates, defective meters, and other causes of overcharges may not be obvious, and can span months or even years. The refunds may be substantial.

Water and sewer system audits – which identify low-cost operational and maintenance improvements to increase efficiency – also are useful in identifying opportunities for ongoing bill savings. We employ consumption analysis, bill monitoring, leak surveys and various retro-commissioning tactics to advise you of additional opportunities to reduce consumption to obtain greater savings.

Waste & Recycling Solutions

+more Environmen+al solutions focuses on managing the waste and recycling operations of our condominium association and commercial clients.   

We are experienced in creating client-specific solutions which target the contractual, operational, and environmental phases of our client’s waste and recycling programs to reduce our client’s costs through increased efficiency.

Every day, commercial and condominium properties across America overpay for trash hauling.  m+more will monitor not only your own rates, but also your recycling practices, equipment, and locally competing prices.

m+more brokers trash collection and recycling services on behalf of businesses and condominiums. It saves those companies money by helping them find more efficient and cost-effective trash and recycling haulers and it performs waste audits to find even more ways to recycle or cut costs.

m+more will broker a better contract, typically saving a customer 5 to 15 percent. We will also audit the business on-site, looking for trash collection practices to update (like buying a larger dumpster and reducing the frequency of collecting it). Another 10 to 15 percent in savings typically comes from that process.  

Energy Solutions

m+more environmen+al™ solutions will analyze your common area energy consumption processes and systems in order to identify opportunities for enhancing efficiency, increasing the comfort of occupants, and extending equipment longevity. Our energy experts take a forensic approach that begins by analyzing benchmarks and your properties current and historical energy consumption to immediately identify both major and minor strengths and weaknesses.

If warranted, our on-site energy audits include a thorough inspection of your property’s energy infrastructure, including all heating and cooling equipment, common areas, doors and windows, etc. to locate specific targets for improvement.

Demand Management

Demand charges can comprise as much as 40% of your common area’s electric and/or steam bills. Our specialists will monitor usage then implement practical demand management strategies to produce immediate savings, with little or no inconvenience to building occupants.

These solutions include:

+  Modifying equipment behavior to reduce demand costs

+  Enrolling in Demand Response programs to generate financial incentives from your util