M Plus More

managing your property

$100 per month, per unit

We have created the most effective set of solutions to handle any type of property management. Whether it be a single family home or a multi-family building, our full service property management solutions are here to deliver maximum results.

Our property management solutions are designed with your needs in mind. 

Property Marketing

We use proven marketing tools to generate interest in vacancies quickly. Our team uses online listings and traditional advertising to get your home maximal exposure.

Tenant Screening

Every tenant we place must pass our strict internal screening guidelines. We use background and financial checks to qualify every applicant and only place the best renters in your property.

Property Marketing

We take care of proactive maintenance for your rental home and respond to repair requests as necessary. We keep your home in the best possible condition.

Rent Collection

If you're still chasing after rent payments every month, it's time to take a different approach. Our team handles all billing for your portfolio and keeps your tenants paid up.


We perform regular inspections & make certain renters respect the terms of their leases. These inspections also give us the chance to catch problems before they grow out of control.

Financial Reporting

It's easy to stay on top of your rental's performance, thanks to detailed financial reports from our team. We put your monthly statements inside the portal for review at a moment's notice.


Evictions are a rarity for our team, but when one becomes necessary, we'll accompany you along the journey. After the eviction, we'll find a new renter for your property.

Legal Guidance

Don't take wild guesses and hope for the best. Let our team keep your property legally compliant and you'll avoid unnecessary headaches and complications.

property owners ❤️ m+more

Mplusmore has gotten me to a point where the property management is completely hands-off, and my tenants are happy with it also! I highly recommned you them a chance.
John Louis
They took care of all of the showings, ran a credit check, and helped me pick the best tenant for the property. They also ensured that any of the tenants' needs are taken care of.
Mila Kunis
I must say I have never been more happy with a customer service experience in my life. Every business, property management or otherwise, should take a page out of your book.
Mike Stewart